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If you have been involved in a car accident, or have a personal injury claim such as a slip and fall, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation, or according to the legal term damages. The purpose of awarding damages to the injured party is to make him/her whole again, by compensating him/her for his/her injuries caused by the action of the defendant. There are two main categories of damages: compensatory and punitive. Under compensatory damages, there are both pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. Pecuniary damages may include the cost of repair or replacement of property, medical treatment, or lost wages. Non-pecuniary damages include non-economic harm, such as pain and suffering. Punitive damages are used by the courts to award damages to the plaintiff if the defendant committed the injury maliciously.

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For example, if Daniel the Defendant crashed his car into Patty the Plaintiff and broke her leg as a result of the accident, she may be able to sue him for both compensatory and punitive damages. Pattys compensatory damages might include any damage to her car, any costs for medical treatment that she paid out of pocket, and the wages that she was unable to earn because she was recovering from the broken leg. She may also be able to recover punitive damages if Daniel crashed into her car on purpose, or maliciously wanted to cause her harm.

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