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Attendant Care Benefits

Attendant care benefits will cover your expenses incurred by you or on your behalf as a result of the accident for services provided by an aide or attendant or by a long-term care facility or family member – you must demonstrate that the expense was incurred and your family member suffered an economic loss in providing care to you. Your lawyer can help you with this.

The amount of attendant care will be determined by an occupational therapist or nurse who you have the right to choose. The following limits apply:

  • Catastrophic Impairment – up to $6,000.00 per month, to a lifetime maximum of $1,000,000.00.
  • Non-catastrophic – up to $3,000.00 per month for two years following the accident or to a maximum total of $36,000.00, whichever is exceeded first.
  • Minor Injury Guidelines – not eligible

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